Professional Negotiations

We find ourselves in the middle of a negotiation litterally ervery day. No matter if it is in your pofessional or private life. Sometimes you might call it discussion, dispute or dialogue. But as soon as you are dealing with opposing interesst, it is a negotiation.

Based on experience with numerous negotiations I can proof, that the 3 most frequent mistakes correlate with the 3 most important rules for successful negotiations:

1. Are you well prepared?

So many people stumble over their excellent technical skills. Because they are experts in what they do, they think they know what to do in a negotiation. That leads to blind spots regarding the other person, neglects the storyline and leads to a lack of strategies if things don´t turn out the way they were expected.

2. Do you know your negotiation partner?

Knowing the name is not enough. Do you know the soft spots, are you aware of the show stopper? Do you know the weaknesses and agendas – hidden and official?

3. How do you respond to conflicts?

Pursuing different interests may extend the conflict from the factual to the personal level. A lot of people have difficulties to „stand still“ in a tight situation. How do you handle this?

  • One on one Negotiation Coaching
    improving individual negotiation skills
  • Negotiation Academy
    Specific enterprise programs
  • Forming souvereign negotiation teams
    for complex situations and high value negotiations.
  • Conduct of negotiations
    for demanding, complex and high value negotiations.

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