A fine recipy to multiply ingenuity: discover who is doing the best job, describe what they do as a process, transform the process to a model and cast the model into a tool that helps everyone to do the best.

Our app factory creates mobile applications that support daily collaboration and communication. Our consulting company provides the knowhow for what is really needed regarding processes, cooperation and interaction.

This is how we know how to manage and support processes with tools, creating a meaningful interface between people and machines: decisions are made by us, the performance is driven by automatisation and digitalisation.

What our apps do for you...

  • …establishing direct communication from the executives to the staff.
  • …providing access to relevant information with one click.
  • ….implementing knowhow-management along the way
  • …harvesting, evaluating andimplementing ideas for innovation and improvement.
  • …preparing meetings in a structured way, online documentation and tracking of tasks

About me

What I have done over the years, education, about my family, my social engagement for people with special needs you find here.

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